Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Thanks and Back Home Business

To all those of you who sent emails and comments, thank you!  Your well-wishes meant a lot as we were on our journey.  I'm certainly working hard to respond to them, so if you haven't heard back yet, you will!

On the first day back, rather than fall asleep, I put things away and cleaned cleaned cleaned!  It felt good to create a "fresh start" immediately.  I was completely exhausted by bedtime, though.

The rest of my days have been filled with a variety of things.  I've been helping Rusty out at his place a bit.  I've picked blueberries, played safety as he re-topped a noble fir, and denailed scrap lumber.  The scrap lumber project has taken quite a bit of time and I have a few little blisters, but I'm quite proud of them!  I am as good with a hammer as I ever have been in my life and it's very satisfying.

My roommate, Erin, celebrated her birthday while we were away.  As I enjoy baking quite a bit, I offered her a belated cake/pie/cheesecake.  She was delighted, but overwhelmed with all the choices.  After going over some of my specialties, she selected key lime cheesecake, much to Kelly's delight.  What a great choice for a summer birthday!

There were also four huge zucchini waiting for me in our household's community garden when I got home.  Knowing that they're not great for fresh eating when they're so aged and five people can only consume so much zucchini bread, I looked for some other ideas.  At this blog, the author suggested zucchini pineapple.  It really does taste like pineapple with a slightly different texture!
Tomorrow is helping out a friend and heading to a family wedding on the coast!  This weekend will hold Let's Go Camping at Wallowa Lake.  I'm crossing my fingers Kelly will be home and not working over the weekend so he can volunteer too.
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  1. I'm not really anonymous -- I'm having technical difficulties with my google account! We received your wonderful response to our comments and want to Thank You! We enjoyed following you on your European adventure and continue to enjoy your culinary inspiration! Keep having FUN! Love, Rae