Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Castles of the Bavarian Kings

Longish story a little short, it takes 2 hours just to get to Fussen (there should be an umlaut, aka double dot thing, over the u but I can't seem to make that work), and then another 30 mins on a bus to get the Hohenschwangau. Off of the bus stop you get a pretty good view, so we stopped to snap a couple pictures before climbing up to the ticket center.

After getting our tickets we walked to the lake which served as a good backdrop for a picnic style lunch before heading to our first tour appointment time.
Here is Hohenschwangau, for those that don't know it is the childhood home of King Ludwig II who would later decide to build Neueschwanstein.
The tour was pretty neat and there were lots of cool paintings and many kingly, literally, gifts on display; however, just like the next castle no pictures are allowed of the inside apparently for copyright reasons so they claim. The next pictures are of Neueschwanstein starting with the front gate, the view just inside the gate, and then the view from Mary's Bridge.

Then it was back to the buses and trains for the two and a half plus hour trip back to Munich.


  1. The mountains are beautiful and so is Neueschwanstein! It's very picturesque but I don't think I could handle all of the stairs that a "home" with that many stories must have! Has there been an elevator installed?

  2. That last picture is stunning! You guys are getting some neat shots.