Sunday, July 7, 2013

Innsbruck, Hiking and Resting

After leaving Salzburg, we stopped for a day/night in Innsbruck before continuing to Venice. Innsbruck is essentially a small town built on a river in a narrow valley. The mountains to the north have a high calcium content and to the south a high iron content, which apparently when combined in the main river create a very milky looking color.

We went on a hike up to a place called Gasthof Rechtenhof and found this view when looking toward Rechtenhof Haus.

While hiking down the side of the mountain we found this watering spot (which we only used after we asked a local if it was safe to drink) which just had a continuous slow stream of water pouring into it. The trough area was strictly for using to cool off if needed, drinking was only done from the spout water.

We got this shot of a covered hiker biker bridge on the way back to the hotel after beating the rain storm back dry areas.

Innsbruck was very beautiful and we wished we could have stayed longer there was a lot to see that we just didn't have time for. The next morning we were off to Venice. Oh, and here are some more mountain shots from here.

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