Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Munich, Meeting Friends and Checking Stuff Out

We woke up the next morning and had a great breakfast German style. Some croissant, some yogurt, a small selection of thin meats and cheeses and we were good to go. Hoping on the bus this time we intended to head straight to the S-bahn stop nearby. The driver however never pulled anywhere close to the station and we ended up again in the middle of nowhere when we were supposed to meet our friends at the airport and head to the hotel. After waiting for a while, we hopped on the same bus we had jumped off of thinking we could just jump back on the same line right away, which wasn't true, and headed to a different S-bahn that a local pointed us to.

40 minutes later we arrived at Karlsplatz in downtown Munich and met our friends by the fountain and headed to the hotel. The hotel was pretty small, but the service was very friendly and we decided on a few things to go see during that afternoon. We went to the Marienplatz, St. Peters Church, the city garden, and the english garden.

At Marienplatz we watched the 11am glockenspiel complete with jousting tournament and the afterparty that it plays together only three times a day.

We then went and had lunch at Sendlinger Tor and walked back toward the gardens. Along the way Megan stopped to commune with the lady and turtle statue.

Also on our way, we passed St. Peter's Church and climbed the 306 stairs to the top to look out over Munich from the area around the bell tower.

Our friends bugged out before making it to the english garden due to having been up for many hours flying and trying to stay out for the majority of the day and headed back to the hotel for some sleep. We continued on and inadvertently stumbled upon a strange sight...guys surfing in the fast portion of the gardens river.

Come to find out we had found ourselves in a practice area for an X-Games event which was apparently being held in Munich this year and happened to be while we were here. We then decided to head back and find some things to make a dinner out of for the evening to rest and prepare for the next day's outing, a trip to the castles of the Bavarian Kings.

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  1. Well I evidently don't know much about the terrain there because I'm surprised to see that it's so flat. I expected mountains or at least a few hills like here! I'll be watching for some! How fortunate to see the X Games practice area. It looks important too as there's a camera crew on the bridge. Enjoy the castles!