Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pictures!  Arya smiled for her very first 3D ultrasound picture.  The radiology technician tried to get a melty face picture, but she stayed still, so no funny pictures!

Here's a side view.  She was expected to be 2.5 pounds, but is 2 pounds, 15 ounces.  I'm just hoping she won't be too much above average at birth!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Funny Stories

Thursday night I had my very first babymare.  (Baby+nightmare.)  I have never woken up so anxious and so amused all at once.  As is the case with dreams, it seemed entirely possible and real while I was asleep.  I did spend a little extra time in bed afterward, though, getting some reassuring cuddles while recounting the whole thing to Kelly.

We had borrowed a crib for our daughter.  When she was a day and a half old, we had to return it.  However, we managed to return the crib with the baby inside.  When I realized it and brought it up to Kelly, he said, "We have places to go this weekend, so we'll just pick her up afterward."  When I confirmed that he was sure, I just accepted this statement.

After the weekend, several events prevented us from being able to pick her up.  It finally sounded like we'd be able to pick her up while we were at a camp site.  I eagerly followed the folks who had her and went into a room full of cages.  I wondered if a cardboard box contained my daughter.  All of a sudden, the woman I was with proclaimed, "Ah, there she is!" and pointed at a cat.  When she saw the crestfallen look on my face she said, "Oh, you thought you were picking up your daughter.  You're allergic to cats, aren't you?  Well, maybe I should carry her."  In desperation to carry something, I wound up carrying the cat.

By the time the facility that took the crib was "ready" to return our daughter to us, I was beside myself and in tears.  We arrived and they were giving us ice buckets and liners as well as other random objects.  I was trying to settle the bill and wound up tipping the wet nurse $190 for her troubles.  The next thing I knew, my alarm went off.  Weird and hilarious, huh?

My second funny story had to do with Kelly.  We purchased a new energy efficient washer and dryer.  I came home from work on Friday and had barely set my things down when he said, "The washer is about to go into the fastest phase of the spin cycle; you have to come watch!"  We were sitting down against the wall when my roommate came to say hi.  She, too, was invited to watch the spin cycle.  So, there we were, the three of us sitting against the wall with the washer a couple feet from us.

As we were waiting for it to rebalance itself and achieve the high speed, Erin and I started discussing where she was in reading the Dresden Files.  Well, that's when we weren't getting play-by-plays from Kelly about the washer.  Eventually, we realized that we were all supposed to be discussing the washer.  I asked which character in the Dresden Files our washer was most like.  In a features-based discussion, we decided to name it Michael and the dryer subsequently became Charity.

Kelly teased us for naming the washer.  We teased him right back for spending his Friday night watching appliances.  It has certainly been a fun couple of days here in the Nace household!

Quick baby update: I'm now at 27 weeks - the last week of my sixth month and third trimester.  She's coming in 13 weeks - MEEP!

Love to all!