Thursday, July 4, 2013

Munich, Walking Around Seeing the Sights

The next day was scheduled as a day to see the sights of Munich and to see places that we hadn't already seen the previous 2.5 days. So we left the hotel and began an adventure that took us to the Tollwood Festival, Olympic Park, and the BMW museum.

Tollwood is like a fair/weekend market that seems to last for a good 3 weeks straight and has well know musical and comedy acts in the afternoons and evenings. Pretty standard fare to be had and pretty standard arts and crafts style things to peek at. All in all it was fun to check out for a bit, but it didn't seem like anything mind blowing.

The Olympic Park was pretty neat even though the X Games and nearly completely taken it over. The giant stadium covers and shades were a pretty amazing feat of engineering to behold with the way that everything was suspended by what at first glance appear to be giant crane arms. We thought about hitting an event, but the only one that was close to starting was super expensive to attend so we decided to skip it.

BMW World is a pretty cool museum/showroom that is free to enter and that has free Wi-Fi available (extremely unusual as we have come to find out). They had a pretty neat array of current newer cars including the M6, which looks really sleek, a bunch of motorcycles, and even two concept electric cars.

Our friends then decided they wanted to hit up the Residence Museum and we decided to go do some laundry seeing as we were about out of clean clothes. After walking a while we found out two things, the laundry mat was a decent hike from the hotel and in the ethnic Turkish area of town, and that because it was in the Turkish area of town they had kebab stores and a Turkish grocery store. Both of which we were very happy to find.

We got food together for breakfast on the train the next morning and then went out to eat one last time in Germany.


  1. Awesome trip! I am so enjoying your posts. What a wonderful adventure.

  2. Did you buy yourself some Turkish coffee? Mmmm... Turkish coffee. Grows hair on your eyeballs!

  3. Happy Fourth !!! :) I look foward to your next adventure. I am not an avid reader but I really look foward to your posts everday, MAYBE you should write a book, I bet I would not beable to put it down. hint hint :) Love Andrea Brown

  4. Any chance you were allowed to swim in that pool? It looks so crisp and refreshing! So do those beers...