Saturday, July 20, 2013

Marburg, Farmer's Market, Flea Market, Grilling in the Park

Today we got up a little later than normal, mostly because we were having such a great time chatting with our hosts last night that none of us noticed that we had stayed up until it was three in the morning. So we all ate some breakfast and headed out to the farmer's market to get some food to grill for the evening since the day was so nice. An interesting difference between a farmer's market here and back home, is that here a farmers market meant a place to go to get food or food plants, there wasn't a small presence of food with a ton of arts and crafts supplies like we typically get at home.

We then walked around the flea market for a bit looking at the array of random items that people brought for sale. After an hour or so there we decided to go relax at a cafĂ© nearby, but unfortunately it was closed. We did however get to see a stereotypical Marburg old building which over the years has become not so straight and that is apparently due to the fact that too much sun exposure on mostly one side for 300 years warps the wood. Also pictured below is the slate siding that some of the older houses have, but newer or more recently updated or renovated ones don't have, because the cost is way too high since ever stone has to be hand formed in order to fit on the house correctly.

Back at our hosts' flat we relaxed for a bit of lunch and cooled off with a German style milkshake. It is not what you think it is though. It is basically a milk and yogurt smoothie sans ice cream or ice and they are actually pretty nice on a hot day.

Later we went to the park to grill, play some frisbee, and hang out in the sun for dinner. This is the disposable picnic grill that they picked up to cook with. It is basically an aluminum roasting pan filled with lump charcoal, fitted with a piece of expanded metal on top, and a small wire frame to keep it off of the ground. All in all it worked pretty darn well to grill the array of sausages we picked up from the market earlier.


We then taught them how to play Yamslam and Timeline after we got done eating which went pretty well, but it soon became evident that Timeline was definitely made for Americans mostly, since there were a lot of things that were pretty much entirely American history events included in the game. That aside our host Martin won both of the games we played.

Afterward we headed back to the flat and chatted for a while longer and then headed to bed. It was a great relaxing day with very good company and the kind of day that was definitely more our speed as we get to the end of our whirlwind tour of Europe.

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