Friday, July 12, 2013

Rome, Colosem and Pantheon

We got up after sleeping in a bit, ate a small breakfast and then headed for the subway to use our Roma Passes for our first attraction of the day, the Coloseum. This thing was a gigantic construction of stone and brick that when completed was over 50 meters tall and could seat 75,000 people. The labyrinth like area below where the main floor was, is where the attractions and props were moved and readied from, complete with many trap doors for various uses.

After the Coloseum, we headed toward the river for lunch and the back to the main city side for a trip to the Pantheon. It's a smaller and free sight to see, but it is no less impressive. The room and the dome inside are a perfect circle and sphere made from stone and how they managed to build it so exactly during their time is a great mystery.

We also stopped along the way at some places Farnese because they reminded Megan of Farnsworth. There was a garden that was closed and a palace which we didn't go into because it is currently the home of the French embassy.

Tomorrow we head off to the Forum and some other sights including a free tour being put on by a local CouchSurfing host.

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