Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Return to Blogsville

Okay, okay.  I'll start blogging again!  Thanks to those of you who gently bugged me - this will be a good habit to get into now!

If you haven't heard, I'm embarrassed and apologetic, but I'm officially 6.5 months along with a baby girl in tow.  She's due July 5.  It has been an extremely easy pregnancy so far - no morning sickness, no weird aversions or cravings.  Since this seems to be an appropriate venue for funny stories, I can tell you about the 4 random moments where smells were influential.

One morning, Kelly was having ketchup with his breakfast.  (Now, I am usually the person who has breakfast with her ketchup.)  I had to order him to the opposite side of the couch as the smell of his ketchup turned my tummy.  What was the delicious smell later that day?  Little Ceaser's.  Go figure!  Another day, sweet Kelly had to clean the chicken coop all by himself as I could not deal with the smell of chicken poop.  It usually doesn't bother me.  In the evening, we'd been snacking on pickles and playing board games.  I had to move the jar of pickle juice to overcome the nearly overwhelming desire to chug it.  Ugh.

Today I had a routine check-up.  All seems well and fine, but I should weigh about 166 and I weigh 161.  My doctor ordered an ultrasound out of an abundance of caution, but it doesn't seem like there's a reason for worry.  However, she told me to go get a shamrock milkshake at Burgerville.  Doctor's orders.  Best appointment ever!

Lots of love,

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